ORACLE BY DEFAULT  2014 - 2015

Presented at: Utopian Pulse, Flares in the Darkroom, Secession, Vienna, 2014, project by Ines Doujak, Oliver Ressler, Beauty Salon section by Miguel A. Lopez, photos by Oliver Ressler.

Smith Laboratory, El Palomar, Barcelona, 2015, project by Mariokissme and R.Marcos Mota and vice versa, photos by El Palomar team.

The Oracle is the attempt to materialize a dysfunction of normative knowledge. Through a dialogue of questions and answers that never coincide, an exchange of knowledge is created that is of no use under any foreseen circumstances. The Oracle thus becomes an institution that produces and multiplies thoughts incompatible with social norms.

The oracle is an institution insofar as it is a public space, where a group of people perform practical and known functions at the service of the users. The whole apparatus is reduced to asking and answering. What is not defined is when and why a statement is a question or an answer. It is not known whether the question precedes the answer or the other way around. Nor is it known whether the words necessarily constitute a logical sequence. Probably the meaning of them is something that the user invents at that or some other time after his query.

The oracle is a multicellular organism. The users constitute the basic units of this living being. Each one by itself does not know or understand anything of what is being discussed. However, being gathered together and doing so implies that the organism is functioning and alive. When the user-cells disperse, they carry with them a synthesis of the irregular knowledge of the oracle. Similar to a DNA, that knowledge will be activated and evolve in every sensual and sensory exchange with other people. The oracle thus influences individual behaviors not by regularization, but by default, without even having a specific intention.

To create an oracle it is only necessary to converge, in one or more persons while they are in dialogue, a state of sexual excitement, a clouded capacity of reasoning and an unstable identity.


Presentado en: Utopian Pulse, Flares in the Darkroom, Secession, Viena, 2014, proyecto de Ines Doujak, Oliver Ressler, sección Salón de Belleza de Miguel A. López , fotos de Oliver Ressler.

Laboratorio Smith, El Palomar, Barcelona, 2015, proyecto de Mariokissme y R.Marcos Mota y viceversa, fotos de equipo El Palomar.

El oráculo es una disfunción del conocimiento normativo. A través de un diálogo de preguntas y respuestas que nunca coinciden, se crea un intercambio de saberes que no sirven bajo ninguna circunstancia prevista. El oráculo es un organismo multicelular. Los usuarios constituyen las unidades básicas de este ser vivo. El oráculo influye en las conductas individuales no por regularización, sino por defecto, sin siquiera tener una intención específica. Para crear un oráculo sólo se necesita hacer converger, en una o más personas mientras dialogan, un estado de excitación sexual, la capacidad de raciocinio obnubilada y una identidad inestable.


Präsentiert bei: Utopian Pulse, Flares in the Darkroom, Secession, Wien, 2014, Projekt von Ines Doujak, Oliver Ressler, Beauty Salon section von Miguel A. López, Fotos von Oliver Ressler.

Smith Laboratory, El Palomar, Barcelona, 2015, Projekt von Mariokissme und R. Marcos Mota und umgekehrt, Fotos vom El Palomar-Team.

Das Orakel ist ein flüssiges Ding, das dafür da ist gefragt zu werden.
Ihnen steht dazu ein Mikrofon zur Verfügung. Fragen können auf Hochdeutsch, Spanisch und auf einfachem Englisch gestellt werden, aber Sie können auch jede andere Sprache benutzen, das Orakel antwortet immer. Das Orakel weiß nicht, was es sagt, was es schreibt oder was es meint. Wichtig sind die Umstände, welche die Fragen und das Hinhören provozieren.